Project Crafting Dreams

In Project Crafting Dreams, the second project of Team Gracious Givers, our team of student volunteers work together to compose free study guides in science and mathematics subjects pitched at the national secondary school (SPM) level for students living in impoverished areas as most of them struggle in these subjects. We aim to promote their understanding of these subjects by concisely summarizing the curriculum into key points and comparison tables. We also emphasize their ability to apply the knowledge by connecting each topic with clear explanations.​ To date, we have reached out to over 200 secondary school students from low-socioeconomic status households with our free study guides. 


As our network grew following the success of our first batch of book distribution, we have organized 3 workshops on further studies opportunities nationwide. With more registered student volunteers, we then launched our 1-on-1 personalized mentorship program, matching each volunteer to a student mentee to provide guidance on scholarships applications and expose them to leadership roles in extracurricular activities. There are currently around 90 students from underprivileged backgrounds participating in our mentorship program. To date, we were able to help 56 students to secure full-ride scholarships at vocational colleges across Malaysia and 23 students enrolled in the public pre-university program.

We believe quality education is life-enhancing and world-changing.

Project Soap & Smile

Project Soap & Smile, the first project of Team Gracious Givers, is a charity car wash fundraiser launched in partnership with Eurotech Automobile Service Centre. It is our initiative to improve the access to and quality of education for underprivileged children by providing monetary supports.

This 4-month long project successfully raised a total amount of RM 36,000 for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Malaysia (UNHCR) and the Handicapped and Mentally Disabled Children Association Johor Bahru.


Our Mission

Team Gracious Givers is a youth-led non-profit organization founded in 2018 with the mission to help underprivileged students across Malaysia to excel and thrive academically in their studies by preparing comprehensive learning materials, providing personalized mentorships and monetary supports for them. We empower these students not only with academic knowledge but also social skills through exposure to various extracurricular activities and opportunities in order for them to achieve their maximum potentials.


Our Vision

We strive to close the widening education gap and end the vicious cycle of poverty in Malaysia by improving the access to and quality of education for students from low-socioeconomic status households.

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