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More often than not, students from low-income backgrounds are left with no choice but to work after school in order to help provide for their families. Due to exhaustion, they tend to perform below average academically and some even choose to leave school to work full-time. The vicious cycle of poverty can never be broken because the importance of education is not emphasized and they are unaware of the plethora of scholarships available for them to pursue higher education.

Hence, Project Crafting Dreams is initiated with the objective to provide flexibility in their revision schedules. Not only is external tuition cost-prohibitive for these students, but most tutors also can hardly accommodate their after-school working hours. With our summarized study guides, we aim to improve their academic performance by providing flexibility in their study schedule, even in odd hours, and the opportunity to study at their own pace.  Besides, we also expose secondary school students to further studies opportunities and guide them in their applications.

At Team Gracious Givers, we believe every underprivileged children has the power to change their future with quality education and opportunities.

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I was unaware of the education inequality issues in Malaysia but now I am part of the change.


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